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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Trivia is a rather old quiz game which was mentioned in a catelogue for Creative Software. They said:

"Scan your neurons for those obscure facts you thought were forever embedded in your subconscious. Sports, TV and Movies, History, Science and Potpourri are among the categories from which you can choose to test your trivia prowess. Play simultaneously with your friends, competing against time and against each other. Variable scoring gives underdogs the chance to catch up and keep the game alive. For Commodore 64, IBM PC, PCJr and Apple"

We can’t find anything else out about the game at present, and it seems that this is completely off the radar. Did it ever get finished? Did it get a release?

More information needed, but we hope to find something…

Do you know anything more?

Contributions: Marco

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