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Lemmings had just been finished, and then the average Amiga game popped up in the scene news about its conversion being worked on. It was basically lemmings which climbed EVERYWHERE. This was first mentioned in Commodore Force, towards the end of its shelf life.

To my surprise, the preview was easily obtainable from the internet, and it was found that the game was actually being worked on by one of the guy’s behind SCS-TRC.

It is a very impressive looking preview, consisting of a very faithful conversion of the original Amiga game, and some awesome graphics and music (By the guy who did the preview music to Lemmings).

The game got scrapped by Storm/Sales Curve as the C64’s life drew to a close, and so it never got completed. It was I guess pretty suicidal timing for a C64 commercial release. The game’s author recently mentioned that they actually had a contract from Sales Curve, but due to the dwindling market, they were only offered royalties. Due to the amount of work still to be completed, the decided to can it.

Anyway, this is all that is made of the game… there was nothing more, so i’ve been told.

However, although that was thought to be it … some 14 years later, the game was resurrected by the developer. Without the source code still, the game was reverse engineered and a new improved preview was released at X2012, featuring improved controls and a lot of bugs fixed.

It is now planned for the game to actually be completed properly – and Enno is asking for a graphics artist who wants to help finish the game. We could finally see Troddlers on the C64!

Exciting developments – check out the preview which we have added here!

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