Tusari 2

Martin Piper

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

The original Tusari was a flick-screen platform game that appeared on ZZAP! Megatape 35, given away with issue 89. However, Martin Piper has revealed that the sequel was going to be different.

“It was a much updated version of the original Tusari that is a scroller rather than a flip screen based game.”

Very exciting stuff – the original game was very well received by everyone including Frank and Andrew at the time who bought the magazine in the good old days. Martin these days is very accustomed to the odd Berzerk arcade conversion, and has been knocking a fair bit of code out recently.

So is there any chance of finding what’s left?… “I’m trying to find sources to resurrect a couple of old projects I was working on many years ago. But my work disks from back then are sadly not well documented.”, says Martin.

From the sounds of things, the sequel got to a fairly advanced stage – so who knows what might turn up. We are very hopeful that Martin can find something very significant on his disks, but then he may decide to finish it (Which would be awesome!)

However, Martin has decided to try and resurrect the project for now by using a combination of his old Tusari code and new code. You can now download a preview that Martin has released. He is also generously keeping all of his new code public in GitHub, which you can check out at https://github.com/martinpiper/C64Public/tree/master/Tusari2

It seems that the sequel could be on its way at long last!

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17/07/20 – News added that development may be restarting again from Martin Piper, plus screenshots and code base link added.

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