Twilight Beyond

Power Games

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Thanks to some excellent contributions recently from a chap called Mads, we are starting to learn about many more titles which are sort of related to Kele Line.

In SOFT 1987 July, there was news that 4 new programmers had joined World Games – Torben Bakager, Casper Gjerris, Bo R. Petersen and Viet Nguyen (who was working on Go Ape). World Games were reported to be creating a budget label called Power Games, with the first title released to be called “Twilight Beyond”.

The game was being developed by Casper Gjerris (Code), Bo Reestrup Petersen (GFX) and Johannes Bjerregaard (Music). The article contains a description of the game and plot, but we are now awaiting a possible translation of this.

Interestingly it seems the music managed to sneak out, but nothing of the game – which you can see a glimpse via a black and white screenshot. Maybe Johannes can shed some light?

So what happened to the game? Was it released under another name?

So far it seems that the game was dropped by Casper due to some cooperation problems with the distributor. Therefore, Casper left the C64 and started a new career on the Amiga, where he was working on a new game.

So it seems it was never finished – but could anything of the game be some day saved?


Contributions: Mads, Jazzcat

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