Twin Turbo V8


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From the creators of UXB, Twin Turbo was to be the conversion of the Spectrum game of the same name by Codemasters. The game got a release on both the Spectrum and Amstrad platforms, and I remember seeing it as a kid and wishing there was a C64 version.

Well, we now learn that this was indeed the case and thanks to HVSC and Adam Gilmore for releasing his work tunes. In his work tunes were a series of titles which sounded very much like games. More on these soon, but one in particular was Twin Turbo which Adam confirmed as being for a C64 conversion that never was.

With UXB being found recently, it is hoped that maybe something of this game could be located, which is a sort of a poor man’s Outrun clone by the budget software label which was semi-well recived in the press. We need to track down Jason in the hope of finding out if anything still exists and how far the conversion got.

One thing we do not really know at present is why Codemasters never released the game. Something we should find out very soon. At present you can check out the tunes intended for the game, and hopefully we may be bringing something a bit more visual soon!

Will we be seeing this game soon?…

Contributions: Jazzcat, Adam Gilmore

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