Twin Turbo V8


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

From the creator of UXB, Twin Turbo was to be a conversion of the Spectrum and Amstrad game. It was an Outrun clone that I specifically remember seeing it as a kid, and wishing there was a C64 edition.

Well, we now learn that a conversion was on the cards ,and thanks to HVSC and Adam Gilmore for releasing his work tunes. In his work tunes were a series of titles which sounded very much like games. One in particular was Twin Turbo which Adam confirmed as being for a C64 conversion that never was. Adam confirmed that Jason Fox was the developer.

With UXB being found, it was hoped that maybe something of this conversion could be located. In 2021, we spoke to Jason and he confirmed that he was given the job to convert the game in just 4 weeks overall. Roughly half way through, something came up and Jason wasn’t able to complete the game. He wasn’t sure if it was ever passed onto anyone else to finish, but it seems not.

Sadly Jason has nothing of the conversion after over 30 years, which means this could well be completely lost to time. We don’t know if anyone did pick up the baton – if you know anything more, then please do get in touch.

At the very least you can check out the tunes intended for the game – but just sadly nothing playable it seems.

Contributions: Jazzcat, Adam Gilmore, Jason Fox

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26/04/21 – Jason Fox speaks to GTW and tells what happened to the game.

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