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A surprising entry into the GTW archives.

This was never really announced on the C64, until Chris West revealed that he was producing the C64 conversion for Domark of the famous Amiga title by Dan Gorlin

In the game you had to control Typhoon Thompson on a Jet-Sled over sea based terrain, and you have to save a child from the Sea Sprites.

The game was almost completed, but for reasons currently unknown, the plug was pulled on the project. Chris was almost there with the game. Now looking at past work of Chris and Tony, this game would have very likely been a very slick conversion.

Chris has informed GTW that the game still exists on disk, but he is having trouble reading the disk. This could be a problem with his disk drive, or the disk itself. Either way, Chris is keen to convert the game and release it for fan’s of Gorlin’s work, which is great news.

Chris is currently in the process of buying a new C64 disk drive, and hopefully he’ll be able to read his disks. Otherwise it may require some serious salvaging to bring the game back to life.

In 2023, Chris spoke again about the development and that he was sent source code from Dan Gorlin that had already work started on converting to the Commodore 64. It had been in process of being finished off when it was cancelled. So its possible that with Chris’ version and Peter Ward’s version, there may have been three different developments under way in total, unless it was Peter Ward’s code that Chris had been sent?

Fingers crossed, but very exciting times for a game that was never even known to have existed until now!

We could be grabbing sea sprites very soon!…

Contributions: Chris West

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Chris West talks about work on Typhoon Thompson…

“I did an interview with Lemon64 recently and I mentioned I had a version of Typhoon Thompson I was suppose to finish off for for Domark to publish.

I found the disk the other day but it had problems loading on my old C64 disk drive. Not sure if there are any programs that can help load old disks, but it would be shame if this classic Gorlin game didnt get to be seen.”

Chris West.

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