Unnamed Game

Stephen Kellett

Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

Another unnamed game, and this time by Stephen Kellett. This game is best described by its author…

“I also had an un-released 4 way scrolling space game with a huge landscape to fly over (using some nify storage techniques). I can’t remember the numbers now, but it was as if you had 16MB of data to fly over even though the machine only 64KB of memory. Never had the time to put the game logic into it as the degree and life took over.

I don’t think I ever gave it a name. It wasn’t for a specific pulisher. Most of my games were written and then offered to a publisher of my choosing. Circus Fun and Strontium Dog were both exceptions. I think it shows – these two games were offered to me by publishers and designed in both cases by other people. I didn’t have any emotional investment in them. Both of them, are the two games I am the least proud of (or actually, not even proud of).”

So at the very least there seems to be a rather impressive technical demo somewhere to be found of a game which had much potential, but sadly was lost due to real life issues.

There is hope that Stephen will be able to dig out some of his lost work, along with this technical demo.

We hope to hear more soon!

Contributions: Stephen Kellett

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