Unnamed Football Game


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Ben Hayes was famous for his music produced at Sonic Grafitti, but also did a stint of game development – producing the C64 versions of Bubble Dizzy and Wrestling Superstars for Codemasters. He was also part of the Kick Off 2 cartridge development that never made it, but Ben was also working later on on yet another football game (Which was brought to attention in a 1997 fanzine interview)

This time it was for Codemasters (And yes, another to the tally of the infamous unreleased 20-30 something games), and the game was to follow the development of Wrestling Superstars.

There was never much to be though, as Ben enlightened us when asked about the game:

"The footy thing… er… I think there’d been possible interest in a budget priced kickabout type game after Wrestling Superstars was finished, and I got as far as a scrolling field with a few players running about on it knocking a little white blob around, but that was as far as it went.

I think I gave up on the programing "career" a couple of weeks afterwards. I’ve been through all my old disks in recent years and there’s no evidence of any of it surviving, so that’s the end of that I’m afraid! I don’t think it ever got as far as needing a title."

Of course, Ben lost most of his disks in a flood – so it seems unlikely that anything will have survived of this early game. So it is very much an open and closed case, but yet another Codemasters title dug out for the list…

Long way to go with this entry…

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