Vengeance Of Zeno


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

The Vengenance of Zeno is a bit of an oddity for GTW, but a perfect addition to the archive.

The game is reported as missing on Gamebase 64, and the only recollection seems to be from an Anirog advert which was in Personal Computer News – Feb 1984.

Nothing has ever turned up of the game, and as a result is deemed to be unreleased.

Describing the game is a little hard, but considering that Anirog released a game on the Vic 20 a year or so earlier called Xeno 2 might give us a clue?… maybe this in some bizzare way is a similiar game? … a Lunar Landa based clone?

Well, nope – we were completely wrong and it seems the game was to be for the Stack Lightgun. Anirog released about 2 Stack Lightgun games… Could this have been renamed and become this:

Very early days, but considering that sadly the past runners of Anirog have passed away, it could be very difficult to find out much more about this one!

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