Witch Way


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Witch Way is a C64 conversion of a rather rare Vic 20 game from CDS (from the same time period as Road Toad).

Thanks to an archiver of the Vic 20 cartridge on the Denial Forum we can let you know what the game is about. The game is a single screen Donkey Kong style game where you start off in a big black cauldron with a damsel in distress at the bottom of the screen. Your mission is to get to the top where the water tap is, to turn it on and put out the fire before the damsel gets cooked! You need to beware of rolling rocks (possibly hot coals) and flying witches as you are messing with their supper.

It’s unsure how many levels there are, but in the Vic 20 version there is varience in the style of map.

As well as the Vic 20 version, CDS were producing the C64 conversion but it is unknown how far the game got and why it was cancelled. A lot more research required, but it will be nice to soon play the Vic 20 version at the very least. Vic 20 games in the early days were generally better than the C64 ones (The more basic games i’m really referring to :) )

Do you know anything about this conversion?…

Contributions: Gary

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