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An intriguing title from CRL which we know little about on the C64 and doesn’t seem to have been released on any other platform.

When GTW team member Alex Ross emailed the guys from CRL about this game, neither seemed to remember or believe such a game was on the books. It could be one of those obscure titles which has just been mentioned once and then forgotten about.

We have no clues to what the game was about and what style of game it would have been. We really have to do some digging just to get *something* on this particular title.

Do you know anything about it?…

Contributions: Alex Ross

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  1. I loved this game! It’s one of the few I’ve yet to be able to play on an emulator. The goal was to get the key, and then get to the lock. You could obtain spells that could be used to destroy or freeze enemies along the way. There were seemingly endless levels both “official” and user created. You can see a video of gameplay here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qpyTVYaIm0

    • Hi Jim, it could well be the same game – but we’re not sure. The CRL title we have here might have been something completely different – though no-one from CRL recalls what it was about. I agree though, the Wizard game you refer to is great! :)

    • Yea so the game linked above is referred to as “Ultimate Wizard” in its later releases and, at least when I was young, was considered one of the very best C64 games at the time. It was developed by EA and was very popular. I preferred it to Jumpman by a wide margin. I still feel that the game “Wizard” being referenced here actually refers to a turn based RPG rendered in very minimal ASCII characters, although since I’m the only person I know aside from my mom who’s ever played it, I can’t say for sure.

  2. I’m not sure if this is the same game but I’ve been searching for a text-based C64 game that I owned at some point in the mid-to-late 80s that I believe was called “Wizard”. It remains to date the only video game that I’ve ever seen my mother enjoy. The concept was fairly simple, you had a position on the map and that position was surrounded by a choice if up to four (I think) directions that you could go. This was represented on the screen like this

    M W L

    Which would basically mean that there was loot to the north, a monster to the west & south, and a ladder to the east. I’m sure it’s just the nostalgia talking but I’ve been dying to play this game again.

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