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Also known as: Snakes

A short entry for a title that was due out by the demo crew turned game development team – Ambush.

This was to be an unofficial conversion of Worms by Team 17 (yet another one!) which we don’t believe has any relation to the Alter/Quantum development from 1997.

Ambush had about 8 members, but we don’t know if anything was ever started. For Commodore Tribune magazine, Ambush suggested that a preview would be ready soon – but it was never to be.

The game was likely cancelled due to very poor sales of games on the C64 at the time, which was a particularly dark period for the machine as a whole. It would be good if something could be recovered to show though.

A later issue of Commodore Tribune suggests that the game was renamed to Snakes to avoid legal issues.

Do you know anything more about the development?

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