Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Nice and colourful to look at, but a oversized logo cuts the game area to an almost silly size.

The game is a sideway scrolling SEU, and in typical old school fashion too.

Quite possibly the logo is only here for the sake of the preview, and is removed in the full game.

Graphically the game is quite good for its age, featuring some nice Bas-relief shading. Main sprites look good too.

Unfortunately, apart from some credits, we don’t have much on the game at all, and don’t know how complete it ever became. If the people behind the game are still tracable, then we could be in luck hopefully. The coder was Ultimax of INXS though… can he be found?

Strange name… small sized game…

Contributions: TRB

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Update history

29/01/14 – Added fixed credits

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  1. Looking at the first part after the intro of the demo “Fairy Males” by Benni Bärenstark of INXS a game preview by Ultimax of INXS named “Xamitlu” is mentioned in the lower scroll.

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