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I remember all the hype when Worms was discovered by Amiga Format after they ran a competition for creating a game in Amos. The classic tank game with elevation and speed control had been turned into a fun multiplayer game.

After seeing a gameboy version of Worms, a C64 version certainly doesn’t seem out of the question. So imagine the excitement when I first heard that Worms was being worked on unofficially.

Jason Kelk initially informed me he saw a preview, which consisted of a rather wobbly worm on a rather cardboard background.

After some searching, I came across two previews of Worms… and both sadly leave a lot to be desired.

The first preview consists of a large introduction to Worms, all poorly digitised images from the Amiga version, and some incredably naff music. It all seems like a piss take than a serious release. Before the game is mean’t to start, the intro crashes the C64 out and thats it.

The second preview is slightly more promising, and consists of an actual playable version of Worms, but a version that looks nothing like the game, with poor graphics and a poor looking worm. The worm has two basic weapons, a Rocket and a strange weapon which just flashes the screen and makes a noise. You can blow up parts of the background, though inaccuracy is big in this demo.

I’m hoping that Alter actually did something more to their playable preview, as it would be a shame if they left it to rot. Maybe they got something more closer to the original than the preview?… Who knows, maybe we will soon if we get contact with them.

In addition to those two versions, it is rumoured that Ambush Designs were also behind another Worms game in 1996. What happened to this one? and did it exist??

I haven’t got worms … yet…

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