Yie Ar Kung Fu V1

Imagine Software

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Yet another early version of a popular game goes into the GTW64 archives, this time with Yie Ar Kung Fu – which was a favourite of mine by David Collier.

However, recently in the Ocean History book – we learn from Brian Beuken that he originally was handling all of the 8-bit conversions of Yie Ar Kung Fu, and got someone in to do the C64 version originally.

Although the Spectrum and Amstrad versions came along really well, the C64 version struggled due to the coder struggling to grasp how to get sprite multiplexing working. As a result, Ocean saw that the C64 one wasn’t working out – so they brought the game in house and got David to do it instead.

Unfortunately Brian couldn’t recall who the programmer was exactly, but confirms that the game never got much beyond a background and a few sprites due to not being able to get the multiplexer working. Brian had contributed what art he could at that point, based on the Amstrad sprites – but it just never progressed.

Well, of course – doing what we do here at GTW64, we’d like to try and see if anything still remains of the earlier version to get a glimpse at possibly a very different game. There might not be that much to look at however, but potential to show another piece of history.

Contributions: Brian Beuken

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