Bart Vs The World


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

After the success of the first Bart game on the C64, and a bland conversion of the Arcade game in the US… Bart was ready for one final fling on the C64, and so to for Ocean on the 8-bit wonder.

The sequel was to feature Bart, controlled on skateboard with a flying cape, to roam around ships, the great wall of China and other world wide locations, solving various puzzles along the way.

After seeing this game on the Amiga, which did make it, this wasn’t as fun as the original game. A lot was lost, and a waste of a possibly awesome sequel.

After a long blip on C-Format’s Game scanner, the game never surfaced. And sadly was never to be…

It was discovered that the producers of the game were non other than Arc Developments, whom produced the fantastic first Bart Simpson Game.

After two months of trying to write an 8 way scroll routine, and virtually getting nowhere with it (With other’s at Arc tied up with developing other games), the programmer (Whom remains nameless) was sacked.

It was then the game was sadly canned with mutual agreement between Arc and Acclaim, agreeing the game would never see the light of day.

Richard Underhill tells me that we never really missed anything, as nothing was done. So there is nothing to find, and no hope of finding a 30-70% complete version. It never even made it that far.

So there you have it, a C64 mystery solved…. and therefore….

Case closed …

Contributions: Richard Underhill

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