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zuid ingame

A small entry for a SEUCK effort which never quite got to see the light of day, produced by Andrew Rodger (famous for Terminus and many tunes on the C64, such as Arnie 2).

The game was completed, though never offered to anyone it seems and so had been gathering dust on a disk somewhere in Andrew’s collection.

We missed it at the time, but the game was finally released on The SEUCK Vault in 2015, after Andrew got the disks backed up. So here it is in full, and another entry closed!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, LiqMatrix

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Creator speaks

Andrew Rodger recollects about Zuid:

“The only games I completed that never saw the light of day at all are two SEUCK creations from 1988 (Terravasion and Zuid) – I’ve just been in contact with Andrew Fisher ref. those.

They still exist on floppies and I’ll transfer them when I get the chance. I also still have my first musical efforts in Electrosound circa 1986 that were destined for Compunet (I doubt they ever made it that far as I was relying on someone else uploading, before I owned a disk drive).”

Then in 2015:

“I’ve finally transferred one of my SEUCK games to .d64 (only took two years).
I just played it on VICE and it seems I used a C64C / 8580 to create the music (via Ubik’s Musik), based on how the filter sounds. Zuid was professionally recorded onto one cassette, with a black & white inlay card (I don’t know if I have an original copy anywhere now). I don’t believe any were sold.

You’re an alien trying to escape from humans (‘Zuid’ is the name of your alien’s race, I believe). Most threats can be destroyed by your ‘plasma’ weapon, but human gunners have to be killed by touch. Many threats need to be shot multiple times (especially the rotating ball turrets that spit out lasers). The (very annoying) bouncing ball things can be shot, but they fire more bouncing balls that can’t be shot.”

Update history

22/02/2023 – Game found in 2015 and now added to here.  Case closed!

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