Konix Multisystem game found!

Mark Campbell, webmaster of the Konix Multisystem archive, has informed Games That Weren’t that at long last a game has been recovered for the Konix Multisystem. It has been many long years of trying to find remains of development from the system, so this is a huge breakthrough!

The game is a long lost conversion of Robocod, ported from the Amiga – of which you can see a picture of some of the assets below. Developer Neil Beresford recently came forward after a request was made to try and get some source code to build a working Konix Multisystem emulator.

But what are these black box photos further down you ask? … Well, something else worth mentioning I guess ( ;) ) is the fact that another developer has found their Konix development system (The first which has been found so far). We are unsure at present if it works, and at the moment it is hoped that far more info will be found out about the machine as a whole and more of its internals. It hopefully will aid development of the emulator.

Excellent news so far, and it is hoped that we may see Robocod on the Konix Multisystem running by Christmas time – which is fitting considering the theme of the game. We also hope to add a few more assets here over time, so watch this space!

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