Yet more updates for GTW64

More this week, mostly in the way of new entries and a series of updates with scanned items added. No new games to play this time unfortunately, but we hope to have more soon. Enjoy!

30 new entries added

Benny Hill, Bloody Kids, Boxing and Galactica 1 pack, Bryan Robson’s Super League, Castle Fear, Delphian, Demolator, Espionage, Flame Island, Golden Path, Grand Slam Tennis, Grimblood, Gunboat, Hagar The Horrible, Main Event, Minder, Nifty Lifty, Orel Hershiser’s Strike Zone, Oriental Games, Pengi, Plexar, Q8 Team Ford Rally Simulation, Quadrillion, Rainbow, Sarge, Star Fighter, The Sweeney, Think!, Warlord, Xenodrome

24 updates added

Aviatak, Bamboo, Battlestorm, Crossbow, Deep Star, Gladiator, Heavy Barrel, International Soccer Challenge, King Of Chicago, Kobayashi Naru 1994, Liverpool FC, Lock On, Lord Of The Rings, Lords Of The Rising Sun, Miami Vice, Murder!, Operation Thunderbolt V1, Pulsator, Rebelstar, SDI, The Omnicron Conspiracy, Total Recall V1, Tour De Force, Trick Ramp Crazy

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