Cannon Fodder (Amiga) – Early screens

Following on from last week’s early screens from Beavers on the Amiga, Grzegorz Antosiewicz has dug out some early preview screens from Sensible Software’s brilliant Cannon Fodder.

These screenshots are from when it was in early development, taken from magazines such as Amiga Power (October 1992), Amiga Games (11/1993), TGM (issue 47), Generation4 (issue 46) and The One magazine.

Some rather different looking frees and icon panels.

Across the screens you can spot different looking status bars, mini map and squad control icons. In the final version, the status bar is hooked to the left side of the screen with a black bar below it. The early version has it floating around different corners of the screen – clearly Sensible were still finalizing details at this stage. There are also different looking trees compared to the final version.

We’ve also added the original title screen image from Stoo Cambridge, which had to be dropped due to issues with the Royal British Legion at the time. You can check out more assets from Stoo over at his website.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for searching out the scans.


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