The Chaos Engine early screens (Amiga)

One of my favourite Amiga games of all time, The Chaos Engine was released by The Bitmap Brothers in 1993 for the Amiga and various other platforms over the years. The game was closely followed across its development, so it was clearly going to result in screenshots showing many different assets and features that would not make the final cut. Grzegorz Antosiewicz delivers once again by providing a series of screens highlighting features that didn’t make it.

Clipboard02 1

Firstly, various screenshots from Amiga Format, Games-X, Joystick and Zero all show up to three simultaneous players was once possible. But as you know in the final release, you can only play up to two players. So, just why the 3rd player was dropped is a mystery at the moment. We guess it was simply down to restoring some speed to the game.

Secondly there was a different character upgrade screen after completing levels, and on “Clipboard02” (see above) there is a golden syringe pick up item that is believed to have been dropped from the final game. Finally, “Clipboard06” shows two player sprites with no visible gun in their hands, but with visible bullets.

There is likely many more early screens to be found over time. If you find any more, please let us know and we’ll add to this page with a credit.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for highlighting the early screens.


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