Chuck’s World

1993 Fission Software

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Chuck’s World by Fission Software was an unreleased Amiga platform game that was based on various animations about a character named Chuck, created by Steve Packer and released in Public Domain. The main character Chuck looked slightly like something out of South Park, and would dress up as various popular icons.


After Steve was featured and interviewed in Commodore User magazine, discussing about doing a game based on the character, he was bombarded with offers from publishers. In the end he would sign up with the newly formed Fission Software, liking their plans for the character.

The first game was to be Chuck’s World, but would also follow with another title called Peroxide Girl (which we’ll get a page up on soon). With Chuck’s World, the game would follow a standard tale of trying to save a kidnapped girl in an abandoned castle, protected by a manic wizard. The twist in the tale is that Chuck is a complete coward and is too scared to enter the castle, so instead slips into a number of dream worlds.

The worlds would include Alien world (where Chuck changes into an alien-slaying soldier), Bat world (where he dresses as the famous Batman), Moonworld (where he becomes Flash Gordon) and Superworld, where he would transform into a Green Lantern-style character.

Where did it go?

Although seemingly progressing well from the various press previews and screenshots (via Amiga Games (1993-03), CU Amiga (issue 32), Joystick (issue 33 – 1992-12)), the title (along with Peroxide Girl) would completely disappear from sight.

Fission would not go onto release anything, but oddly in 1994 a PD release was made of a game called Crystal Skull, which was coded by Gary Gould and had graphics by Steve Packer. On the title it says “Fission Soft”, so was likely intended to be released by the company. We wonder if perhaps Gary Gould was the programmer for the likes of Peroxide Girl and Chuck’s World (or if it was just Steve carrying out all the work).

Do you know anything more about the development? If so, please do get in touch!

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the heads up and scans.


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