Mega Drive Unreleased & Cancelled games (All)

Here you can find all Unreleased and Cancelled video games listed under the category of Mega Drive.

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Star Odyssey (Mega Drive) released!

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Super Fighter Team (a classic game publisher based in San Diego, California) has recently brought out a new commercial release for the Sega Mega Drive called Star Odyssey, a role-playing game set in the future. This game, which was originally … Continue reading

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Treasure Tails

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1993 SEGA Platform: Sega Mega Drive Graphic artist Craig Stitt has recently been putting up a lot of brilliant unseen materials from his SEGA days, and has today just added a video showing screens from another Sonic related title called … Continue reading

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Two Games That Werent (and sadly never will be)

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Sadly not all Games That Werent investigations turn out successfully, and many times we find out about an unreleased or cancelled game only to find out that whatever work was done on it is also lost to the ether. I … Continue reading

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Unreleased Dizzy games on the Megadrive – So close yet so far?

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The Dizzy series is legendary among ZX Spectrum enthusiasts and the series were released across most home computer systems in the 1980s. Less well known are the console versions, even though numerous games were released on the NES and Master … Continue reading

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