Absolute Beginning

Asif Bhagwandin

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: The Absolute Beginning

A rather intriguing title this time which may not interest some, as it is a SEUCK title which has gone missing.

The Absolute Beginning (TAB) was produced by Asif A Bhagwandin for the Zzap megatape, and was sent in and first mentioned in an article called “How to be a Megastar”, which told readers what it takes to get their game on the covermount.

The game was a Forgotten Worlds clone which looked rather good, and apparently played very well too according to the reviewers. Sadly Zzap never used the game on their covermount, but did use another of Asif’s games later on. Yet another game was unused and was also due for inclusion on Commodore Force’s covermount.

Asif tells GTW:

“My first effort (the one you’re looking for) and was pretty lame, I’m speaking to a few old friends of mine to see if they can locate a copy. I’m sure I gave some out.. might take a week or so but I’ll let you know..”

Sadly as time passed, a flood destroyed all of Asif’s past work and it seems all of his disks were destroyed too. Chances of TAB and his other titles surviving is small now.

Last hopes remain on his friends having the games on disk/tape somewhere (though it has been some years and we haven’t heard anything), or even Asif himself finding a copy of his games. I’m sure he would be very happy to find them again, and we hope to find them also.  We know that Zzap didn’t keep anything from back then.

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