Aztec – Hunt For The Sun-God

Hill MacGibbon

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Advertised in Home Computer Weekly, issue 85 – Aztec was an interesting looking 3D adventure game which was to be released on the likes of the Spectrum and also the Commodore 64. You would use the keys to turn around 360 degrees and move around a 10×10 grid layout.

As an Aztec, it is your aim to find the sun which hasn’t risen over your village on this particular day. As you move around the environment, you have a number of spells at your disposal which the game’s manual details how to use. The game overall was aimed to be a childrens adventure game, more than something for adults.

Although reviewed in a few magazines, including Computer and Video Games the C64 version never surfaced. The Spectrum version however did!

It is very likely the screenshot in the advert is from the Spectrum version. It seems that Hill MacGibbon didn’t get that much released onto the C64, so maybe they struggled with that platform overall getting suitable developers.

Do you know what happened to it?

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni

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  1. Are we sure this and other Hill MacGibbon titles were actually planned to be released for the C64? Some advertisements didn’t necessary state this clearly but just indicated what a C64 games would cost vs other systems. Although the ad shown here only Rally Driver and Run for Gold found a C64 release.

    • Hi John – we’re just going on what the advert states for the time being. I’d expect them to have some kind of footnote to say if a game wasn’t to appear for a particular platform. Another thing is that King Arthur’s Quest and Aztec seem to be using the same engine, so that would suggest that they would intend for C64 versions of both.

      Also Five Ways Software seems to be the main developer for the ZX Spectrum versions at least – the C64 versions may possibly have been out-sourced (not confirming this), and that may have been the problem for some of the conversions never to appear or be completed.

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