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A very quick entry which was brought to our attention via a tune in Gilles Soulet’s HVSC folder. Albedo was a game released by a company called Myriad, and saw release on 16-bit platforms including the Amiga.

The existence of a C64 tune suggested that a C64 conversion was under way, though Gilles confirmed in June 2023 that no C64 conversion was ever considered or started.

The music was made on the C64, as the editor/compiler (called Kmuse) that Gilles used was developed on C64 for a previously released game called The Fifth Axis. All they had to do was adapt the play routine for the Z80 and Amstrad audio chip.

So that solves the mystery of why the music existed, and now we can close case on this title!

Contributions: Jens-Christian Huus

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27/06/23 – Gilles Soulet confirms that no C64 version ever existed.

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