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20/12/18 – Added review thanks to Paul Morrison and Peter Weighill of review that mentions American GI briefly.

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A short entry for a short lived System 3 title.   The only real mentions were at the September 1985 computer show, where along with the Twister controversy, American GI was advertised with muscular men at the stand.

We assume it was some kind of Commando/Green Beret clone of some sort, but will need to speak to Mark Cale to find out more.

It’s unsure how far exactly it got and why it was cancelled.   There was a small mention in the inlay for International Karate, which you can see in the scans.

Do you know anything more?

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  1. There’s a very small mention in C&VG’s review of International Karate (July 86, page 24), but it doesn’t shed any more light on the subject.

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