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Released on the Atari, Vic 20 and TI-99/4A, this wasn’t a clone of the arcade game of the same name, but was closer to Dig Dug in many ways.

The game was additionally advertised for the Commodore 64, but has never surfaced for reasons currently unknown. At present, the only known Romox game that has been preserved for the C64 is Princess and the Frog.

Certainly the lack of a conversion isn’t due to the company collapsing, as they lasted into 1985. So did the C64 conversion hit development troubles, or did it infact get a release which is yet to be found and preserved?

Only time will tell.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Marco 'Exile' Das

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4 Responses to Anteater

  1. To be honest, who knows what Romox released, Anteater was only proven to have come out for the Vic20 a few years back when a handful of copies emerged.

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