Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A cool little Bomberman clone with the name of "Assassins", is the next game in A to greet us, and for the GTW archives.

This is a fair clone of the classic game by Hudson, and does its best to include the elements which made the original great… apart from the fact there seems to be no computer players, and only one other player at that.

Graphics are simplistic, and sound is a little ear grating, but the playability element is there for two people to have a blast.

There is not much in the game apart from blasting each other to bits, and there is plenty of bugs and glitches, however, it is only a preview. It seems an early preview at that.

The game never eventuated into a full release, though with a bit of work, it could have made a good game. With the finished bomberman clones out there, it may have trouble to add something new to the genre.

Contact will try to be made to find out exactly how far the game reached, though there is another strange game in the GTW archives, which is a minature version of this game (!).

A popular concept which never made the final hurdle…

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