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Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

A short collective entry thanks to the efforts of Martin / Stadium64, who found an Avant-Garde catalog full of titles that don’t seem to have been preserved or may not have seen a release.

Not all are games, though we try and preserve whatever we can sometimes. Do you have any of these in your collection and can you help us preserve them?

At the moment, only 3 titles exist in Gamebase. Others might already be out there.


The titles we believe are missing and not yet preserved are:

  • Be your own coach
  • The magic cash register
  • Math Run (FOUND! – Thanks to Allan Pinkerton!)
  • Word Scrambler
  • Joe Theismann’s Pro Football
  • The Entrepreneur’s game
  • Chris Evert-Lloyd Tennis
  • Pro Golf Challenge
  • Jackie Stewart’s Winning Formula
  • Get What You Want through the art of persuasion
  • Design your own home – Architect
  • Design your own home – Interiors
  • Design your own home – Landscape
  • The Einstein Memory trainer (FOUND! – Thanks to Allan Pinkerton!)
  • The Brain Game
  • Personal Money Matters (FOUND! – Thanks to Allan Pinkerton!)
  • Family Album
  • An Apple A Day (FOUND! – Thanks to Allan Pinkerton!)
  • Introductionary Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • Logic Workout
  • KidWare: Concentration
  • KidWare: The Three Bears
  • KidWare: 1 Hunter
  • Reading Keys (Levels 2-6)
  • PAL Series (Master, Levels 2-6, Placement, Complete)

Can you help us find any of them? For now, check out the catalogue scans which were produced by Martin / Stadium64.

Contributions: Martin/Stadium64, Allan Pinkerton

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Update history

  • 13/11/17 – Added a fixed version of Dave Winfields Batter Up game from Allan.
  • 23/10/17 – Personal Money Matters found and preserved by Allan Pinkerton and added!
  • 13/08/17 – Three titles (Apple a day, Einstein and Math Run) found and preserved by Allan Pinkerton and added!
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    • Hi Darren, both of those ones are already preserved in Gamebase, so we’re good on those two. Many thanks for the heads up though! :)

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