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I’ve cheated a little with this entry to save time, but I had an email from Francesco Milioni today, who helps with the site Edicola 8 bit and looks to find out the original titles for pirated games in Italy.

He highlighted a number of titles which he could not find the original game for.  Some are SEUCK efforts and are probably just the same named game.  But there are some original titles which could well have been intended as something else.

Do you know anything more about them?

The games are:

  • Raid Mortale
  • Evoluzioni
  • Ala Radente
  • Saturn Wars
  • Melt
  • Rudy
  • Autopolo
  • Labirinto
  • Tank Attack

All downloads can be found here.   Let me know if you can determine the original source game! 🙂

Contributions: Francesco Milioni

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