Baseball Game


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This was to be a baseball game written by Garry Kitchen for Activision, and was getting quite far and looking good according to Garry. The game itself had a new playing perspective; over the pitcher’s sholder looking in at the batter.

The game was shaping up well and Garry showed it internally at Activision but then got derailed onto another project which became The Designers Pencil.

Within a few months, Al Miller and Bob Whitehead left Activision and founded Accolade – developing Hardball on the C64 which was a huge hit across the world. Ironically it featured the new playing perspective which Garry had in his Baseball game in development.

It is not known quite yet if anything of the game has survived, but we are hoping that Garry may have kept something of it which he might be able to share with us on the website. Otherwise this could well be a case closed before we even start searching!

Will this ever see the light of day?…

Contributions: Garry Kitchen

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