Twin Eagles

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This is an obscure conversion which was brought to my attention by someone who i’ve forgot (Please email me to give you credit!!).

This was in development by Peurvian developers, Twin Eagles Group. Known as a port of "Gundam F-91". A top SNES game from the early 90’s.

The developers on their site said the following…

"GUNDAM F-91" PORTING – All routines were coded and the Cinema Display engine worked fine. The project had to be scrapped due to serious hardware limitations.

Visually the game ran into problems, and a lot of chopping and changing to get it running smoothly, eventually it became too crippled and was scrapped due to limitations.

So there you have it, a sad loss by the sounds of it. All that seems to remain is a little screenshot which we obtained from the site, but its low quality and you can’t see much.

After checking the disk with some of the work, sadly it was not working properly.. so sadly the game could be completely lost now. Unless one of the others in the team may have something left.

A great idea, but possibly too big a project for the C64…

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Mr Byte speaks about work on Biosmech...

"Sorry for delay to reply, I was a bit busy. Thank you for considering our vaporware Biosmech :)

All graphics and main coding were made by Mr.Byte (me). Additional code (math) by Sweet Flyer.
Game design by Mr.Byte and Hawkins. There was no music neither sfx yet.

I have in my library all the information about Bisomech, i just checked for the disk and found that it is damaged :( (it's 12 years old.. sigh), but I have some game design plans. If you want, i could try to scan them and send to you?

Biosmech was a porting (not official) of GUNDAM F-91 (SuperNES) for the C64, but we never completed it because we didn't managed to solve a technical problem. The game required many graphics in each level so we did a on-the-fly decruncher but anyway we soon run out of memory and had to reduce graphics. Mechs designs are not animated, so we first tried showing them as full 16 colors picture in the top half of screen, but we found that loading them each time the player entered in attack-mode was a pain. Then we tried to paint mechs using just multicolor text mode (font redefinition) and fitting them in 8x8 cells so we may reuse some characters. This saved a lot of memory and speed up data loading, but mech pictures had to use just 4 colors: black, white, red and blue (the main colors used in Gundams design). The visual aspect was not good and we stopped the project.

May be if we had more experience we could resolve this problem, but in that time (1990-1992) we had not Internet access and in Peru we were just 10 guys working on games (some coding in C64, others in Atari, Spectrum or SuperNES).

Later, in 1996 a new programmer (Daxam) who joined our group did a Gundam F-91 like for Amiga 500, called Varidiam ED-109, but the freeware was unfinished because he moved to United States. In aminet there is an old beta of the game.

That's the story of Biosmech :)"

Mr Byte.

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