Blood Rush


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A game which made the news pages of various fanzines, including Commodore Scene magazine here in the UK around 1997.

Bloodrush was to be a promising shooter for C64 fans who desperately awaited any new software to come about. Apart from a few news clippings in the fanzines, nothing ever came of the promising game.

Recently obtained from the internet was a cracked version of the game, in preview form. No doubt in the very early stages with some fair graphics and the building blocks to a good shooter.

If you think of a sideways SEU in the style of Cosine’s Warflame, then you will get a rough picture of the game we are dealing with.

No sound is present, and parts of the game do not work properly, such as a shop which cannot be entered. The game isn’t that playable either.

If whether a later version ever made it, is anyone’s guess at the moment, and is a case of finding the creators themselves to find out more about this game.

Not bad, half hearted shoot-em-up…

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