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A bit of a surprise entry for you this time… yet another Psytronik game that never was by Alf Yngve. Bloodwheels was another which was due to be released on the label back in 1994 after the commercial decline of the C64.

Psytronik released several enhanced games as well as a few titles from Jon Wells, and Bloodwheels was on the cards. It was only ever briefly mentioned in passing, but no-one has really ever seen anything of this game until now.

And its certainly a great little SEUCK game where you control an army vehicle getting through various terrain and typical of Alf Yngve and his usual high quality output. It is a shame that this wasn’t released back then, but then C64 support was not good and thus Psytronik closed up shop after a few supportware packs. Had Commodore Zone continued a bit longer, this may well have hit its covermount.

It is thanks to Kenz and some constant nagging from GTW that this game was dug out. Infact, it was after obtaining Psykozone that Bloodwheels was also passed along too. There could be even more too soon!…

Compared to Project Argus, this game didn’t really have any logos or anything produced for it. This no doubt would have come out after Project Argus and Psykozone (Which ironically you might be seeing shortly… :-) )

Richard Bayliss has recently added some TLF music to the title and ingame. Additionally the original version of the game is included in the download with the original SFX.

Enjoy and we should be seeing a lot more of Alf’s unseen work very soon!…

Case closed…

Contributions: Jason Mackenzie, Richard Bayliss

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