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A fun little platformer which took off initially as a joke, controlling a alcholic which has to collect empty beer bottles and sell them in the "Netto" supermarket.

Created by Rasmus Wernersson and Peter Rasmussen , who has kindly contributed to GTW over the years with information and games for the archive, Rasmus confirms that the game was never complete. Although this is the case, speculation was given that a more advanced version of the game does exist. The game was to be sold through a C64 games company, but this is unclear to whom this would have been.

The preview which currently sits in the archives, lacks many of the graphics which are apparently present in the later version of the game.

Apart from collecting empty bottles, you could also collect cannabis leaves. The graphic green glitch at the top of the preview’s screen was apparently mean’t to be a nice looking giant cannabis leaf according to Rasmus. This leaf would gradually be built up from scratch as you collected the leafs. When the "Pot-o-meter" was full, you could then smoke the pot and get stoned… Sounds great, i’m sure Ocean would have licenced this any day! :)

Also present in the game was mean’t to be a pink elephant with wings, which was supposed to be a power-up. This would circulate around the main person and kill all enemies in its path.

Overall, several levels were planned, which included a city level with street fighting, junkies, wreaked cars and even a flasher (Male and female :) ). "Another level was a bottom of the ocean level with a Mermaid." (Rasmus remembers)

These graphics apparently exist somewhere, and Rasmus will hopefully oneday allow GTW to compile a slideshow or compilation of the rest of the game for the archives if he finds the remains.

So for now, until more arrives on the game, is a early preview which is slightly buggy, but better than nothing, and certainly a laugh. Read Rasmus’ own comments on the game. We hope to find out more soon and even possibly find more of the game.

One for the pot heads out there… ;)

Contributions: Rasmus Wernersson

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Creator speaks

Rasmus Wernersson speaks about work on Bodega...

"I'm one of the programmers/artist behind the "Bodega Ejnar" game, and I was _very_ surprised to see it featured on you site

I am NOT angry at all, just very suprised - I didn't know we actually gave out a copy to anyone.

The project was never finished - but I belive there exists a more advanced version. I'm sure that not all the graphics are included in the version on your site.

The game was kind of a joke: the plot is to be a bum/alcoholic that have to collect empty beer-bottles and sell them in the "Netto" supermarked (low-budget supermarked, if the game was german it would have been "Aldi"). Furthermore you also collect cannabis leaves (pot). The green graphic blur
to the top of the screen, was supposed to be a nice looking giant cannabis leave, that became visible part by part, as you collected the leaves. When the pot-o-meter was full you could smoke the pot and get stoned. I also did a very cute-looking pink elephant with wings (if you scan the memory for
sprites, it might be in there). It was supposed to be a power-up: it would circulate around the main person and kill enemies.

Serveral levels where planned, includeing a city-level (with street-fighting, junkies, wrecked cars and even a flasher (both male and female :-) )). Some of the graphics exists... somewhere.

We also did some work on a "bottom of the ocean" level (with a mermaid I think)."

Rasmus Wernersson.

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