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Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Also known as: R.I.S.K 2

A sequel you could never have imagined existed, let alone started, with the unexpected sequel to RISK. An excellent and underrated C64 game by Chris and Tony West. Shocked?… Well, we were when Chris West got in touch and stunned us with the preview to test out.

Chris you may know also did the flawless conversion of Super Space Invaders for Domark back in 1991. Bomb was started just before this time, and way after R.I.S.K from 1988.

Chris and Tony started this game long after Edge had closed its doors and originally started this game for fun, and in the hope they could quickly sell it to a company. Unfortunately the game just never got completed, and Chris and Tony went onto other projects. Since then it has gathered dust on Chris’ work disks.

What was completed?

Only one level was ever completed, and already the game looks awesome. It can only be described as a kind of souped up version of Scramble, with its missiles that fly upwards towards your excellently animated ship (Animating to the standard of RISK and similar to Tran and Defensive) that fires Defender style lasers and drops its Scramble-like bombs.

Impressive still is the stunning landscapes in the first level, and the explosions of the enemies and your main ship. If you’ve seen Chris and Tony’s previous work, you will come acquainted to this high standard of work.

The preview has music and SFX from R.I.S.K, and a simple title screen and hi-score to tie it all together. It’s sad that it never quite got finished, but the first level alone is worth checking out. Additionally we have just put in the rare version which has proper lasers that isn’t in the released demo.

Chris tells GTW:

“It was meant to feel like Scramble as we liked that game, but we wanted to bring a little more variety to it. So, big bosses like in Super Space Invaders, rescuing little Boffins again like Risk, and a lot more weapons, of which only coded 3 so far.”

There were plans to finish the game, but Chris and Tony disappeared completely and numerous contact attempts failed. It is very unlikely that the game will ever get completed, and this is therefore all that will ever remain of the game.

Case closed!

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