Bolo 2

First Blood

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

What we have here is what can only be described as a Bomberman clone, mixed with the classic Atari Combat game. Though the game here feels more to be related with Bomberman, with the style of shooting (Or dropping mines) to cause bomberman style explosions to kill the opposition.

The tanks are steered using left and right, and up on the joystick to go forward. Pressing fire results in dropping a mine.

Well, the game itself is a nice idea… but from playing the preview it seems a little lacking in the way of powerups, but maybe this will be something included in the final release. The control method is slightly tricky, with it being a tad over sensitive. The dropping of mines is simple, with a very effective bomberman explosion, but you need to move quick to get out the way, as they are large explosions.

The game looks as if its a 2 player only game, which does cut down the options of playability with this game, more than increase them. Not everyone will be able to get a fellow computer player to play the game with them, so thus they won’t get much chance to play the game properly. Maybe some sort of AI computer player would have been cool as an addition.

Graphically, its fairly plain on the game screens… but its early days here, and there are at least some clear tanks with nice explosion animations to boot. The introduction screens are fine, with some neat digi music added.

The music in the actual game is old music (Well, i’ve heard it before somewhere, along with the Last Ninja 2 music in there earlier).

Rumour was that the game was to be distributed by GO64 when completed, but so far nothing of the game has ever appeared. The game is originally a ressurect project from the early 90’s, which was meant to be released a few years back.

Quite addictive, unfortunatly not complete…

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