Bomber Clot

Ewen Gillies

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Bomber-clot was only ever briefly mentioned in the pages of various fanzines of the time. This was to be a game based on Bomberman, but that is about all we can say about the game at present until we get more information from Ewen himself.

Was this game to be an update of an existing game already out there? (Like Super Nova and Penguin Towers V2 was?) or was this a game created from scratch. We believe that this was actually going to be built upon the initial Penguin Tower rework that Ewen had did, when he had cloned the original game to continue. Possibly Bomber Clot resulted as a way of modifying the game so it was no longer recognisable as Penguin Towers. We don’t believe that anything really progressed past the idea though.

It is likely that had the game been fully finished, this would have gone out on the Commodore Scene software scheme that they were running at the time. Approximately £2 got you a disk full of new software, which was a great idea at the time thanks to Richard Bowen.

Contributions: Marco 'Exile' Das

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