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A bizarre entry which was mentioned in the “Next Month” back pages of Commodore Format, Issue 3. They promised a review of this game for issue 4, but it never appeared. This was the only mention ever made of the game in a Commodore magazine by the sounds of things.

Thanks to Martin Smith, we have discovered that the game was to be released by Ubi-Soft and was actually released on the Amiga and Atari ST. The game was a memory based puzzler of some form where you would have to memorize a puzzle from one screen and replicate it on another. Although easy at first, it became almost impossible later. It received mixed reviews overall across all the magazines.

This is very bizarre to why Commodore Format suddenly announced this game on their back pages and then nothing else was ever mentioned. Ubi-Soft gave no news to say that the game was in production for the C64 at all.

How much of this game was done?… Why did it never make it?

One reason could be that Ubi-soft decided to call it a day on the C64, and it got canned. Or the developers had trouble with the title and Ubi-soft cancelled it because of that. We do not know at the moment.

Do you know anything about such a conversion?

Contributions: Martin Smith, Liqmatrix

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23/02/22 – Update of page and ST addition thanks to Liqmatrix.

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