Dino Crisis

2000 Fluid Studios

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Color

The PlayStation Dino Crisis is a well known title by Capcom, and was designed by the very same team who had created Resident Evil. However, there was also to be a GameBoy Color conversion of the game as well. But overall there were not one, but two separate attempts at trying to bring the game to Nintendo’s handheld.

The first was being developed by Fluid Studios, which after cancellation, would move over to M4 Ltd as a completely new development and design direction. More details about both developments are already well covered and documented at Unseen64.

An anonymous contributor got in touch recently to provide some real pixel assets from the brief development, which you can see here and below. These include what we believe to be a previously unseen screen and dinosaur sprites.

The contributor crucially (and sadly) revealed that the Fluid Studios development of Dino Crisis never got beyond the design document that was created. The idea was that their development was to follow a similar engine/style as their Resident Evil development that was already underway – properly commencing once that development shipped in March 2000 as planned.

However, Fluid Studio’s Resident Evil was cancelled by Capcom in early 2000, due to them not wanting a conversion trying to closely replicate the more powerful PlayStation edition – fearing players wouldn’t actually enjoy it at all. This would ultimately condemn Dino Crisis, as it was about to follow pretty much the same path.

The images that you can see here were merely just mock up images produced by Fluid Studio’s artists in Color GameBoy palette and resolution (with the exception of one Dinosaur image which seems to be in the process of being converted to CGB format). They show roughly how the game and some of its key assets could have looked. Nothing playable had yet been produced at this stage, though it is remotely possible that assets could have been chucked into Resident Evil’s engine briefly for testing – but its unlikely.

At best, it is hoped that more mock up assets will surface in their raw form – especially some of the grainy images included in the design document that are missing from here. If anything more comes our way, we will add it to the page and let you know.


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