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Stephan Mader

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A short entry for a title that was started back in 2006 and which was highlighted to us recently by Ken Knight.

The game is a decent looking platformer, with a few bits of graphics borrowed from Mayhem In Monsterland at this early stage. It’s not too bad, but unfortunately it seems after this proof of concept, interest was lost.

The preview was released at the Evoke 2006 party in Germany, where it won 2nd place in the Wild Demo competition. Could it some day be completed or has been put to rest for good?

Developer Stefan Mader is still active on the C64 scene, having made 2019’s Slipstream game for Psytronik Software.

Hopefully we will learn more soon about this game.

Contributions: Ken Knight, Gamebase64 (for screenshot + download)

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