Randy Soft

Status: Preview, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a title that we know little about at this stage, apart from the developer that was behind it (who don’t seem to have done anything else on the Commodore 64), the musician and the basic premise of the game itself.

The game was flagged up by contributor Radd Maxx who found a demo showing the title screen and playing Michael Winterberg’s music (which has been out in the wild for some time). The game clearly involving having to apply Graffiti somewhere, possibly not quite Jet Set Radio in 1986, but who knows.

A quick search trying to find the developers proved fruitless, but we hope that they may see this page and get in touch to shed some more light about the game itself.

For now, check out the loading screen demo and music from Michael Winterberg.

Contributions: Radd Maxx

Supporting content

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