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Another game, and another title which seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Cop Out was one of the last games to be released by Mikro-Gen, with the advert showing the last incarnation of the logo. The game actually did get a release on the Spectrum and Amstrad thanks to the work of the great Raffaele Cecco…

The game is little more than a cross between Kane and Cabel, where you control a Cop who must clear 9 levels of thugs and various baddies (Even including a bi-plane!). It wasn’t a bad game, but recieved average marks in the various magazines.

Normally, Raffaele’s games were converted to the C64 by the great Nick Jones, so maybe Nick was working on this one before Mikrogen went under?…. Nick confirms that he had no involvement on the conversion, which suggests that this title may have been pushed externally – but to who?

Apart from the advert which states the game was going to be released for the C64, we know little about the C64 version. As far as we know, there were no C64 based screenshots in any of the magazines of the time.. We don’t know who was behind the C64 game or how far it got. A heck of a lot of research is required for this game.

Let the search begin…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Leszek Chmielewski

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Update history

  • 30/07/21 – Fix to company title
  • 08/12/14 – Nick Jones confirms that he had no involvement on the C64 conversion.
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  1. I spotted this very advert this morning whilst going through old mags bound for recycling…it was featured in the same issue of C+VG that had an advert for The Last Ninja, which was ironically advertised as ‘Avaiable from Jan 31 on the C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari ST and 800….and we all know which of those versions appeared and which did’nt.

    Trouble with these ‘Press adverts’ is they are designed, produced and booked etc months in advance and so often before work was ever even started on advertised versions.

    Thinking of Jackal (Konami) A8 and HellRaiser on the Lynx…all ‘listed’ as coming soon…..

    Doubt anything started on either for various reasons.

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