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Club Light

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

An interesting tale to tell with our next entry, which is thanks to the excellent interview with Jason Finch from Commodore Format.

This was to be an adventure game that was to be sneaked onto the very last issue of Commodore Disk User, which Jason at the time was working for. In its dying days, Jason was working with John Simpson (Aka Bones) on something to fill the void which was going to be left by CDU (It seems Jason knew that it’s time was to be up soon). This was Club Light, which did eventually surface around 1992 time and was sadly short lived, but a brilliant disk magazine.

What does this have to do with an adventure game on the last issue of CDU you ask? Well, the adventure was to tell the story of the demise of CDU and the rise of a new mysterious magazine on a disk called LIGHT. The idea was that if you completed the adventure, you would get all the details required to sign up to the LIGHT magazine. However, CDU collapsed a bit too early, and it never got released as planned.

The game had a load of graphics done by a guy called Doug Sneddon however, though we are not actually sure if Jason had started anything of the game code itself and is to be confirmed.

Chances though of anything being found is very slim, with Jason sadly having most of his gear stolen whilst at University. The only possible person who may have something is Doug, if we can find him!

Watch this space!


Contributions: Neil Grayson, Jason Finch

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