Cool Spot

Virgin Mastertronic

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A big game on the 16bits at the time… where you control the spot from 7-up, moving along the beach, collecting red spots and shooting crabs… It was a fun little platform game.

A C64 version was being planned out after a fair checkers clone featuring the Spot character. Unfortunatly, it didn’t quite make it…

Plans were scrapped as Virgin decided to move on, and only finish Alien 3 on the C64. The game could have played well on a C64, what with a successful 8bit translation onto the Master System and Gameboy.

But how far did the game get before it was scrapped though?…. No other details are currently known about who were working on the game. Quite possibly it may have been either the people behind MC Donaldland, or Alien 3.

May have been good, may have not…

Contributions: Mason

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