Cosmic Shock Absorber


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Cosmic Shock Absorber was a game that was heavily advertised in all the major magazines of the time (Thanks to LeeT for the supplied scan!), and for years C64 users waited for it to arrive, but it never did. However, the game did surface on the likes of the Spectrum, CPC and MSX…

The game itself was a rather poor 3D shoot-em-up which composed of very slow vectors and unresponsive movement, even on the Spectrum version! It seems from all the poor reviews, it could be reasonably obvious why the C64 version never surfaced in the end. If the Spectrum version struggled, then surely the C64 version would have sucked bad?…

Well, we’re not even sure if the C64 version was even started or how far it may have got, but it is rumoured that Rob Hubbard composed the music for the game, as he did for a number of titles for Martech. Rob did seem to recall the title, but could not remember to be sure.

It will be hard work trying to locate the developers or project manager of this game, but if anyone knows anything more about this game, then please contact us. For now, more research needed and definately some contacting is required. Anyone know who was at Martech?

More to come soon hopefully…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, LeeT, Peter Weighill, Leszek Chmielewski, Compounded

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  1. Hello, unable to open the world of spectrum link,
    the URL behind the link text is wrong. The text says good link.
    Regards, Viktor

  2. For added info, there is an advert with some additional text about this game and Pulsator, another GTW (page 29 issue 26 of Zzap!). This issue was June 1987 and still claimed that these two games were available on the C64.

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