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Yet another Hewson based GTW enters the archives, this time with a C64 conversion of the Amiga game by Chris Hinsley.

It is currently unknown what the game is about, though with the Metalic graphical references by the game’s graphic artist, Hugh Binns… it is assumed that its a space game of sorts. Grant confirmed that the game was likely developed on the C64 by Vakis Paraskeva.

The game is rumoured to have been completed, though confirmation needs to be made. There seems to be confusion to why the game was never released.

Hopefully we will find more out about this title very soon and hopefully even find out who coded the game, or about the possibilities of finding remains (Or even the whole thing!).

Another one to hold out for in the future we hope…

More to come soon hopefully…

Contributions: Hugh Binns, Grant Harrison

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Hugh Binns speaks to GTW about work on Custodian…

“This was the c64 version of an amiga game by Chris Hinsley. I never saw it in the shops and assumed it never came out.

I did the graphics and maps for the c64 version loosly based on the amiga grfx. All I remember is that the c64 version was very metalic!

I don’t remember the name of the programmer, although his first name may have been Grant.

Incidentally, the best person to talk to on any old Hewson stuff would be Paul Chamberlain (he used the nickname Sharkey in some credits) as he was the in-house producer/manager at hewson for years and commissioned most of their stuff. Last I heard he was at Sega.”

Hugh Binns.

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  1. I encountered this game on the Amiga under the name Kalashnikov, and later found that was the pre-release name. Not sure if this early tentative name would also apply to the C64 version, or the title Custodian was already set in stone by the time work on C64 started.

    I tried to seek out some info on the C64 version, I came across a blogger that interviewed Andrew Hewson and the game was briefly discussed but unfortunately 8-bit versions were not brought up.

    • I’m not sure Akkroid – it could well be that it was named this originally. Certainly food for thought! :)

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