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Not to be confused with Dandy released by Electric Dreams, but more a game based on the very popular Comic Book.

Advertised as coming soon in early 1989 on the Commodore 64 – this title was mentioned in small print on a double paged advert spread in Commodore User 1988. It additionally got a news item in a later issue. The game was also scheduled for the ST/Amiga – and probably Spectrum/Amstrad. However, nothing ever seems to have surfaced for any format.

The game was apparently going to feature all the characters and in total about 38 distinct personalities with Desperate Dan trying to fill his gag bag, Corky the Cat attempting to run a slide show with slides mixed up by his mischievous nephews and Brassneck baking cakes in a decidedly non-user friendly kitchen.

Sadly no more was ever heard about the game, Grandslam later went into administration – to then later appear with some funds. Dandy never appeared with them. It seems likely that the licence fell through – but was anything started?

Martin Smith found from Amiga Power magazine that the Amiga version was cancelled due to technical difficulties. Was this true, or just a cover up for other issues that were going on behind the scenes at the time?

More soon we hope on this title….

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27/12/16 – Updated with other reason why the game may have been cancelled.

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  1. The Amiga version was reputedly cancelled due to technical difficulties, according to issue 18 of Amiga Power, which may contrast the idea that the license fell through.

    • Cheers Martin. Could also be that the “technical difficulties” was a cover up for problems behind the scenes. A lot of bad stuff was going on at Grandslam at the time according to various people that worked there.

  2. From what i understand, Copyright Promotions Limited (CPL) handled the game rights to The Dandy and other tie-in’s such as Judge Dredd, Spitting Image, Rogue Trooper, My Little Pony etc etc and had been keen to licence both The Beano and The Dandy comics to the SAME publisher, so they could release a string of titles based on both, rather than a single title based on each…

    So i’m surprised to hear Grandslam planned to use all the characters in the same game….

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