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Again thanks to Cybergoth, we are able to mention yet another Activision game which has not seen the light of day, and one which has a lot of mystery surrounding it… mainly because we’ve never bloody heard of it until now!

Happy Computer again had a mention of Lock-On coming soon, which is already in GTW with its own entry (Which the Master System saw a conversion), but Activision were doing another Nihon Bussan conversion of the arcade game Dangar. The game was a vertically scrolling SEU in the style of Terra Cresta, or 1942 with a space ship.

This overall would have been a game with nothing new to offer, so maybe Activision canned it early on because of that fact?… But how far did any conversion get?

This is the challenge for us to now find out and hopefully we could uncover more on this intriguing arcade conversion that never was.

Contributions: Cybergoth

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